again and again

i have been avoiding world so many times ...
avoiding talking to people i barely knew
went to places no in my map, 
or just having someone say hi , i'll say no to this. 

i try to quit this world so many times ,
i almost give up being in love with someone, 
give up that i will make my family proud with me, 
making myself happy . 

but somehow i found myself 
in piece . 
i have been broken so many long times but i'm mot dead yet. 
i have to wake up. i have to stand. 
will you ? that person who makes me fall will not watch me fall again. 
that person will forever my past. something i cant change at all. 
something i cant own anymore. 

i leave you there will forever my hopeless dream. 
perhaps i should thank you for loving me, 
taking care of me. show me i should continue to dream . 
you are my dream comes true. 

will i continue this words ? 
i'm not into you anymore for sure. 
i just cant believe i was that person . 
i'm this broken.