Abandoned love

Dear my love,

I’m so in love with you at that time. I can’t think this life if you not around, not a second. I believe you are the one sent for me. I’m the only one for you and you are the only one for me.

I’m addicted to you. It’s like I can’t breathe if you are not with me … if I don’t see you … if I don’t hold your hand and …

d i s t a n c e . . .

Ah may be you just my daydream …

Then you came to me, sit next to me, talking about stuff you like.
 I can’t remember what you’ve been told me; I don’t remember when everything changes.
 I really can’t remember those days. 

The only thing still on my mind, I’m falling in love with you. Terribly in love.  


Some love a not meant to be together. Some love maybe long enough making two people happy. Some love taught you how to love with the right way and be the first lover to someone.

Then …

The love disappears.

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