Will you forever be my friend?


I wish everyone will understand the bond between us. It's like forever ... 
I'm not going replace them with anything. 

Time flies . 

We are in the middle of human age now. 

Not going to lying. It hard being together as often like before. Now we have our own life. Married or being single mingle like me , 

But when we are together .. Oh mak kau 10 hari pun tak cukup ! How I miss you guys ... A lots of thing have changed. 


Membesar bersama , mengajar kami erti susah dan senang itu perlu dikongsi. 
Banyak suka dan duka. Banyak ketawa banyak juga percakaran , tapi kami tetap sahabat selamanya. 

- I wish you'll find a great women and will stay with you forever. 
- you are always be my great man. The only one man I trust. Tolak bapa dan abang long aku. Haha 
- dude. You're a good man, You will find one. Trust me. 

- becok. Cakap macam air terjun haha. But I loved you with my whole heart. 
- sorry not showing up on your engaged day before , but I'm promise will be there on your real big day. Promise dude. 
- im gonna miss you . It's like I'm gonna to cry ... But no . 

- distance . Will never break our friendship. I have to respect the way that you have choose, as long as you happy. 
- I'm not a good friend for you. Not. But you are. 
- always be there for me. You gonna have a good life ing... Just be tough! 

Mannn, life is full with something that you will never expecting . Just be ready. And be thankful of everything for what you got.  

Friend till the end. 

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  1. i love u forever.... tersimpan di lubuk hati yg sangat dalam..


di alu2kan berbuat bising @ berbisik @ melalak kat sini :P