lagu...ya bgus utk mereka yg hanya mampu menyanyi dlm hati sbb sore xsedap..cth paling baik,aku laa..ahaha!
then aku jumpa 1 lagu gareth gates yg aku tujukn khas tuk Prince William..wakaka.kiddin.
cz lagu nie ttg cinta yg xmampu d miliki..huhu mcm angan2 aku la lalala~merepak xpe kn.
Tell me one more time (Gareth Gates)

come on and tell me baby
do you believe in love
the way i do
and when you find the one
wherever you go will travel with you
what do i say
where do i start
to pick up the pieces of your broken heart
tell me one more time
why your heart cannot be mine
look into my eyes and say
that love has gone
and i'll be man enough to walk away
tell me one more time
why your dreams cannot be mine
cz i won't believe it's true
until i hear it from you
do you believe in love
that no right or wrong
love just an open road
with different ways to moving on
sekian terima kasih...:)

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