a song of my heart...lalala

~y??ooo...aku suka2 nnyi skg..cz terlalu indah kebosanan ini...makin indah apab kbosanan itu mlahirkan kekecewaan yg melampau2...aiyaaaa~baik nnyi2 dr berkata2 perkara yg tdk baik...

singer ~Bruno Mars
title ~ rest of my life

Everyday i wake up next to a angel
More beautiful than words could say
They said it wouldnt work but what did they know?
Cause years passed and we're still here today
Never in my dreams did i think that this would happen to me

As i stand here before my woman
I cant fight back the tears in my eyes
Oh how could i be so lucky
I must have done something right
And I Promise To Love Her For The Rest Of My Life

Seems like yesterday when she first said hello
Funny how time flys by when you're in love
It took us a lifetime to find each other
It was worth the wait cause i finally found the one
Never In My Dreams Did I Think That This Would Happen To Me

As I Stand Here Before My Woman
I Cant Fight Back The Tears In My Eyes
Oh How Could I Be So Lucky
I Mustve Done Something Right
And I Promise To Love Her For The Rest Of My Life

p/s : listen with empty mks u cry...huhu =_='

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